Miyuki Miyabe

image/data/author/miyuki_miyabe.jpg Born in Tokyo. Having worked previously in a law office, Miyuki Miyabe made her debut as an author after winning the Ooru Yomimono Detective Novel Newcomer Award with Our Neighbor’s Crime in 1987.

1992: Won the 45th Mystery Writers of Japan Award with The Sleeping Dragon, and the 13th Eiji Yoshikawa Prize for New Writers with The Honjo-Fukagawa Book of Mysteries in the same year.
1993: Won the 6th Yamamoto Shugoro Prize for All She Was Worth.
1997: Won the 18th Nihon SF Taisho award for The Gamo House Incident.
1999: Won the 120th Naoki Prize for The Reason.
2001: Won the Mainichi Publishing Culture Award, followed by the 6th Shiba Ryotaro Prize (2002) and the 52nd Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in Literature, for Mohohan –Puppet Master-.
2007: Won the 41st Eiji Yoshikawa Award for Poison Without A Name.
2008: Awarded the Batchelder Award for the English translation of Brave Story.