"Cynical Hysterie Hour"
Kiriko Kubo

image/data/contents/cynical_hysterie_hour.jpg 'Cynical Hysterie Hour' (the title doesn't mean anything in Japanese, but was inspired by the Beatles' 'Magical Mystery Tour') was Kiriko's first manga. It was published in the magazine 'LaLa' (Hakusensha) and ran for over ten years, from 1984-1995. It told the story of Tsuneko - a selfish, self-confident girl who bullies other kids without giving it a thought, but thinks of herself as a good, gentle and generous child. She has a younger brother and of course mistreats him too. Other kids get caught up in Tsuneko's thoughtless behavior, but somehow they don't hate her - and neither do we.

'Cynical Hysterie Hour' was Kiriko's first big hit, selling over 3,000,000 copies and spawning a wide range of character goods, produced by Sony Creative. Kiriko herself directed four short films based on these manga, with music composed and performed by the New York avant-garde musician, John Zorn. The films were shown at international animation festivals in Hiroshima, Cardiff and Shanghai.

*Cynical Hysterie Hour [Vol1-Vol6]

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