Natsuhiko Kyogoku

image/data/author/natsuhiko_kyogoku.jpg Born 1963 in Otaru, Hokkaido, Natsuhiko Kyogoku is sponsored by the World Yokai Association and the All-Japan Yokai Promotion Committee. He is also a Kamimai Member of the Classic Games Society and a professor at the Shigeru Mizuki Department of Monster Academy.

1994: Made his debut with UBUME NO NATSU-The Summer of the Ubume-.
1996: Won the 49th Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Best Novel with MORYO NO HAKO-The Box of Goblins-.
1997: Won the 25th Izumi Kyoka Prize for Literature with WARAU IEMON-Laughing Iemon-.
2000: Won the 8th Kuwasawa Award.
2003: Won the 16th Yamamoto Shugoro Prize for NOZOKI KOHEIJI -Peeping Koheiji-.
2004: Won the 130th Naoki Prize for Still More Ghost Stories from About Town.
2011: Won the 24th Shibata Renzaburo Award for Ghost Stories from About Town in the West.