Kiriko Kubo
MANGA artist

image/data/author/kiriko_kubo.jpg Kiriko Kubo was born in Tokyo and made her debut as a cartoonist (manga-ka) in the early 1980s. After the huge success of 'Cynical Hysterie Hour' and 'Imadoki no kodomo', Kiriko has gone on to direct short animation films, design CD and book covers, write essays, children's books and many other manga comics, including 'Buckets de Gohan' (animated for television in 1996), 'Dobutsu uranai' (1999), 'Kuru Kuru Cynical' (2007) and 'Hime Mama' (2007-2009). Retrospective exhibitions of her work were held in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kyoto in 2001. Recently published books include her collected essays about life in London, 'Boku wa Ron-don' (2012), and a series of digitalized editions of her earlier work (2011-2014).

Kiriko has been living in London for the last 18 years and continues to publish widely in Japan. Her work has been exhibited at the Japanese Embassy in London, and she has given talks at the ICA and other venues, including the universities of Manchester, Brighton and Aberdeen. She has also worked on a series of design projects for hospitals in the UK, including the Evelina Children's Hospital (2013) and St Thomas' Hospital (2014). In 2006 she appeared on Melvyn Bragg's South Bank Show special on Japanese manga.