"Puppet Master"
Miyuki Miyabe

image/data/contents/mohohan.jpg A young woman's right arm and a handbag are discovered in Okawa Park, in the Sumida ward of Tokyo. Though the owner of the handbag is identified as Mariko Yoshikawa, who went missing three months prior, the criminal phones a message into a TV station declaring that the arm was not hers, and even makes contact with her grandfather. Shortly after, Mariko's skeletal remains are discovered... Thus begins a seminal modern mystery novel that tells the multi-layered story of an unprecedented serial killer case.

Winner of the 55th Mainichi Publishing Culture Award in 2001, and the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in Literature in 2002. A film adaptation was also produced in 2002.

* The English digital version is planned to be divided into five volumes to be published sequentially.

*Puppet Master [Vol1-Vol5]

*It will be available on AMAZON Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play