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Message from President and CEO

It was in March 1990 that I launched CREEK and RIVER Co., Ltd. At that time I was a freelance audiovisual director. It is said that 1990 was the year that the bubble economy started to collapse.
When we started CREEK and RIVER, Co., our small, bare office was filled with only our staff’s enthusiasm. It seems like only yesterday that we were passionately discussing our vision and explaining our company’s mission as we made the rounds of creators and clients.

I became an independent freelancer at the age of 23 and worked on many documentary films, mostly for TV. On one job, when I went to a village in Africa for filming, I felt compelled to save the people in front of me rather than to save a lot of lives in the future by films, and which made me waver in my decision to make a living as a documentary film maker. (The name of the company “CREEK and RIVER” came from this episode. Link to the origin of the company name) When I later joined a U.S.-Japanese production of a documentary film, I came to know the existence of unions and agents to which freelance creators belong in the U.S., and I was shocked to learn how creators’ work environments and social positions differ between the U.S. and Japan. Through these experiences I started to think about launching a business that would contribute to society rather than simply focusing on self-realization. Ultimately, I decided to start a business to support creators and established CREEK and RIVER Co., Ltd. The company started with a network of 7 film and TV directors, and has grown to the point where our directors are involved in 45% of domestically broadcast TV production.

Once the company was underway, as we gradually expanded the business in other creative areas including websites, games, advertising, and publishing, I began to notice the necessity for a business model based on professional agents in other domains as well. When we started to look around, our mission seemed to be endless as we noticed countless professional domains needing our support: medical doctors, IT engineers, lawyers, and accountants, to name a few.

Films and other audiovisual works get applause from the audience after they finish watching them. We think that contributing to many people’s happiness and receiving many “thank yous” is like applause in business management. We hope to continue to grow and develop so as to contribute to the happiness of people involved by making the world more creative.

President and Representative Director

Y. Ikawa