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C&R Group Business Model

C&R Group General Philosophy

The possibilities for human ability are infinite.
We develop that potential to its fullest,
and contribute to the happiness of people and society.

C&R Group’s business areas

C&R Group provides professionals in the 10 fields of creativity, medicine, IT, legal, accounting, publishing, architecture, fashion, food, and research with the environments to showcase their abilities to the fullest through job placement, project composition, monetization of copyrights and intellectual property, and education opportunities. We aim to contribute to the enhancement of our clients’ business value through creators’ abilities.

C&R Group’s definition of "professional"

C&R Group meets various social needs with the central focus on professionals who possess the talents to be core members of each industry.

  1. Occupations that can have an impact all over the world
  2. Occupations that cannot be substituted by machines
  3. Occupations that accumulate intellectual properties

C&R Group’s three mainstays of business

Our three mainstays of business for professionals are the following: “Agency” to provide jobs (dispatching/employment placement), “Producing” to provide job opportunities by constructing projects (contract/outsourcing), and “Rights Management” to increase profits from intellectual property. We also work on education projects to enhance the value of professionals.

We aim to expand our business into new professional areas.

We aim to contribute to society as a true professional agency through expanding our business into new fields beyond our current business areas.

Group Network

C&R Group’s network spreads among the core professionals of each industry, as well as many client companies in need of those professional abilities.