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Business Summary

Creek and River Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 as a pioneer in the “creator agency” business. The key element of our business model is attending to every need of our clients by making appropriate use of our “creative network” consisting of about 80,000 creators and nearly 1,000 partner productions. We accommodate various creative needs in Japan and all over the world with an infinite number of possible combinations of different kinds of capacities and creativities. We aim for the realization of an affluent society by designing, developing, and providing creativity.

Agency (dispatching and employment placement)

Our unique service as a creator agency is to match clients’ desired creativities and creators’ careers.
There are two ways to integrate creators into your project: dispatching or employment.
We provide creative management to clients according to their multifaceted needs, and offer creators and partner productions more opportunities to participate in projects.

Service areas
TV and visual / Websites / Advertising and Publishing / Games / Sales Promotions and Events / E-books

Examples of our services

A commercial TV station
Producers, directors, and assistant directors have been working as long-term program production staff. The format of employment varies according to clients’ needs, including dispatching (temporary) or contract employment.
We also provide employment placement after our own job training programs for young creators who want to get into the visual/TV industries.

Producing (contract)

“Producing (contract)” is C&R’s intermediate service to provide business solutions by placing clients’ orders with creators. Experienced creators create the deliverables for clients by making full use of their skills and experience. Our intermediate service is able to accommodate large orders with one-stop and secure production qualities not as an individual creator but as a company.

Service areas
TV and visual / Websites / Advertisement and Publishing / Games / Sales Promotions and Events / E-books

Examples of our services

We assemble a project team that will handle all aspects of creating new websites or redesigning existing websites, from initial planning to site branding. We provide comprehensive service including website maintenance and updating.

Rights Management

What is rights management?

By turning superior plans and ideas into content, we return profit to creators. Our production service is able to provide mixed content from a variety of media/channels to the market. In this field we are currently expanding all over the world.

Examples of our services

We support the translation and publication of Japanese publications overseas, beginning with China, Korea, and Taiwan. Publishing media includes various formats such as paper and e-publications.
We have dedicated overseas staff members who directly work with local publishers in close coordination with C&R, so that authors and publishers in Japan can be compensated for their work. Numerous titles have already been published overseas.


Because we believe in creators’ infinite possibilities

To realize one of our important missions, “improving the lifetime value of creators,” our education business aims to provide creators with information, support for their career development, and contribute to building their skills.